Hi, I'm Emily!

Amsterdam Based and carioca

Pink Floyd fan • Chocolate lover • 90's kid

I'm a people person who loves to capture true connections. My job fascinates me every day, and for 6+ years, I've been capturing stories of people from all over the world so they'll have the memories for life.

 I'm always chasing the natural moments of joy, glances, and feelings so I can create unique memories for unique people. 
My photography style has no awkward posing and I'm here for real people.
Make good moments last forever.

Couple photoshoot in Amsterdam


Forget the boring poses!

Photoshoots need to be done in a relaxed vibe, without any pressure to smile or look perfect. Perfection doesn't exist, I shoot the real and raw life.

Just you, or with the one(s) you love, for random or important days. Share your affection, keep these memories. 

Latest Blog Posts

"Everyone can learn how to operate a camera. But few have the talented eye to capture unique moments and true beauty, like Emily. She makes you feel comfortable and pretty at the same time, which is a true feat! Thank you for making me see myself again, Emily."

S. Abreu